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Advancing your business to the next level
What we do
Sabra Innovations helps your company to make a qualitative leap towards the future. Among our services:
Our experts
We are all founders and senior executives who have established and managed successful technological and financial companies around the globe
Guy Zbarsky
Managing Partner
Founder and CEO of TeleportLabs, Keepgo, Ksoft and NPO SvoiBiz. Previously Head of PLM Department at IDF. Holds two B.Sc. degrees and an MBA from the Technion IIT; Executive PON from Harvard; IDF Major in reserve, NAUI Divemaster and Karate Sempai.
Mikhail Kotov
Founder and CEO ChatNGo Ukraine. Ex-CEO of iClub (TAVentures). Ex-Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Ukraine.
Vadim Tribelsky
Financial Expert
Founder & CEO of Polaris Financials, VP at Harel Insurance and a lecturer at Netanya Academic College. Certified Financials and Investment Consultant
Ishay Tentser
MVP Expert
Founder & CEO of Initech, an Israeli software development company with a focus on startups. A former IDF/ Mamram officer and graduate of both Hebrew University (B.Sc. in Computer Sciences) and the Technion (MBA)
Dmitry Shteyn
North American Market Expert
Founder and partner at MIT Advisors Inc. and WTA Inc. - Advisory firms with a long track record of delivering solutions to governments, institutions, public companies, and private organizations in United States and Canada.
Alexey Molchanov
Real Estate Investments Expert
Founder & CEO of BBC Nadlan. Founder of Chip Design College. Previously VP and Senior Manager at Msystems, Fortress and HIT. Owns 2 Patents and Cum Laude B.Sc + M.Sc. in Electrical Eng. from BGU
Michael Press
FinTech Expert
Founder & COO of Tendo, 1200+ employees multi- national Company. Founder & CTO at 123soft – Financial Services company. Previously Senior Developer at Tufin, CheckPoint, AI. B.Sc. CS Technion IIT and M.Sc. CS BGU Graduate
Anatoly Koushnir
Technological Expert
Founder & CTO of Comm-IT, leading Israeli IT and Development Services Company with 400+ engineers. CS Technion IIT Graduate and IAF Officer (in reserve)
Dr. Sergei Konkin
M&A Expert
Managing Director with UNIT Handelsges Vienna. Aa licensed Business Consulter. A Lecturer with the University of the Applied Sciences, Austria.
Sabra Capital
  • Analysis and Valuation of the Company
  • Development of Fundraising Strategy
  • Preparation of Marketing Materials:
    • Deck Review
    • Investors Pitch Education
  • Preparation for a Tech Accelerator
  • Creating Communication and Follow Up Channels
  • Introduction to Investors
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Negotiation And Closing
Sabra Corp
  • Defining Corporate Innovation Needs
  • Scouting for a Technological Solution – over IL, US and EU Territories
  • Technology Transfer Services
  • Integration with the Corporate IT
  • Transformation Follow Up
Sabra Edu
In a world that does not stop renewing, our mission is to grant you professional and up-to-date knowledge of the latest business methodologies and practices.

  • Conferences and public speaking
  • Professional Workshops
  • Full-day or half-day lectures
  • One-on-one trainings
  • Full scale academic courses
  • Seminars
Sabra Consult
The Sabra Innovations provides clients with unbiased advice regarding their strategies to reach their business objectives

  • Product Positioning
  • Business Plan
  • Strategy Development
  • Financial Evaluation
  • IP Rights
  • Legal Advisory
Sabra IT
We will help you do develop the POC/prototype of your product, using the best-of-breed technologies.

  • Pre-investment stage:
    • Product definition and scoping
    • Technological consulting and architecture
    • UX/UI mockup design
  • Post-Investment stage:
    • UI/UX design
    • Developing Web & Mobile innovative products
    • AI, Machine Learning, Big Data – turn your code to production
Sabra Partners
The Sabra Innovations resides an expertise of many years of business deals and an extensive network of contacts in Israel and abroad

  • Introduction to Potential Customers
  • Introduction to Potential Affiliates
  • Acquaintances with co-Founders
  • Negotiation Advisory
  • M&A Deals
    • Buy-Side Advisory
    • Sell-Side Advisory • Divestitures
  • Joint Ventures
Our Customers
Our Contacts
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